Coast To Coast


Kaylie B. Poplin is based in the renowned 30A area and has called this place home for over a decade. Photographing weddings and portraits along the Gulf Coast has become a second way of life for her. While she loves being "home," she welcomes travel!

There is no place like the Gulf Coast and scenic 30A! Swaying sea grass. Salty wind and water. Rolling sand dunes. Beach bonfires. Intimate seaside weddings. Gatherings of family and friends. Carefully curated lifestyles highlighting the most important things in life. 


Destin / Santa Rosa Beach, Florida

Family has told me that Destin and Santa Rosa Beach were at one time thought to be "worthless" land. They have now quickly grown into one of the most desirable beach areas along the Gulf Coast. You may be familiar with places like Eden Gardens State Park, Point Washington and the Silver Sands shopping outlet. 


Alys Beach, Florida

Recognized for its white stucco homes, Alys Beach is known for its meticulous attention to detail and beauty. Its quiet green lots, trails and alleys make it almost reverent. Do not be fooled, though. It is very much awake with its visitors year around from all over the world. Take a dip in the saltwater Caliza pool or grab a great smoothie at the new Raw & Juicy location!


Rosemary Beach, Florida

Inspired by the French Quarter in New Orleans and St. Augustine, Rosemary Beach is one of the most elegant beach towns along the Gulf! You may recognize it for the Pearl - its black and white design imitating that of Old World European architecture. Stroll down Main Street to grab a bite to eat, visit the bookstore or shop! This is one of Kaylie's favorite towns in 30A!


WaterColor, Florida

WaterColor is known for its beautiful Western Lake and boathouse, trails with wild foliage, water sports and butterfly garden! Its the perfect place to paddle board or kayak with beautiful views. The WaterColor Inn and Resort is known for its beautiful weddings on 30A!


Seaside, Florida

Seaside is a community that inspired many! Its original design was to bring in what people wanted most not just in a beach town but in life - community, food and culture. Their airstream trailer restaurants have a variety of different foods, the Sundog book store is a local's favorite and the famous Seaside Style is a brand that is recognized throughout the nation. You may also recognize it if you have ever watched the movie, The Truman Show. ;)

Grayton Beach, Florida

Grayton Beach has the coolest and most chill vibe about it. You may know it for the once popular Red Bar (we miss you!) or Grayton Beach State Park. The people here love their dogs and driving onto the beach at sunset! 


WaterSound Beach, Florida

A true treasure on the Gulf Coast. This private neighborhood reminds you of a place you would find in Maine or somewhere along the Northern shore. Beautiful, coastal homes connect to the Gulf by turning boardwalks that truly take your breath away.