Film Photography

"Many digital shooters are trying to mimic film when it comes to the result, but they are just missing the whole point. You see, shooting film cannot be defined by just the end product. You don’t go to concert just for the music, you go there for the whole experience. That’s what makes people go to concert and not just sit at home watching it on TV. For film, it’s the process that matters. It is not something that can be produced instantly, but one where the artist go through the process of creating art. After all, shooting film is a delicate craft. When you load the film into the camera for the first time, it takes you through a journey. From doing the metering, turning the shutter, and turning the aperture ring, you are taken to the world of analogue. It’s like growing up all over again. When you learned to walk and kept falling, you just kept trying. But when you finally get a hold of it, you won’t stop running. Shooting film is no different. You will make mistakes over and over again, but it won’t stop you. Because by the time film got into your system, you will be hooked. Shooting film also pushes you to become a better photographer. Where every mistake is costly, you will learn to discipline yourself. Before you realize it, you will be at the final step. It doesn’t matter whether you develop your own film or send it to a lab, waiting for your films always makes you feel like a little kid waiting to unwrap gifts on Christmas morning. And when you hold the photos in your hand, you’ll be eager for the next journey."  

-Belle Lumiere