Fine Art Film Photography

For the past two years I have fallen in love with the work of artists like Erich McVey, KT Merry, Jen Huang and Belle and Beau, just to name a few. No matter what I did, I could never get my digital images to have the same soft appeal, bokeh or vibrant colors as their images. I was getting more and more frustrated, until I realized that they weren't shooting what I was shooting. They were shooting film.
Then began my love of fine art film photography.
Film photography still seemed so far away from reality for me. (Have you looked at the cost of film, sending it to a lab, not to mention the cameras themselves?) It wasn't until I saw the images of Jennifer Blair that I realized that it wasn't impossible and I knew it was the direction I was going to go in. I have known Jen since we went to college together many years ago. Seeing her pursue her love for film gave me the faith that I could too.
It didn't seem like there was any other way. I was captivated by the aesthetic of film and nothing I did in post production with digital was producing the results I was yearning for.
So, here I am! I have bought my first film camera and got my first roll of film back today from Richard Photo Lab with this gem of Rosemary Beach, Florida.