So Far 2014

Things have been so exciting and seem to be moving so fast. I love it. In just a few months, I feel like Kaylie B. Poplin Photography has grown and experienced things I was not expecting, but definitely worked hard to achieve.

I have had the intense privilege of meeting so many neat people in this industry.
It so neat how life has been molding into something that I never imagined it would, and I think a lot of my friends, who are photographers as well, would say the same thing. I have enjoyed learning and developing friendships with graphic designers, stylists, florists, magazine editors, and other film photographers.

Which brings me to my next point…

Film Photography.
I hate talking about money. I am the one who bolts out of the room when you start talking numbers. It has taken so much growth on my end to charge people for my services. Not just charging people either, but charging people for what I feel I am worth. What does this have to do with film photography? It is expensive. Very expensive. But the rewards of it is absolutely priceless to me. The feel, the aesthetic, the colors, and the emotion are what I have been searching for in my photography for the past few years and couldn't put my finger on it. So, if you wonder why my prices are what they are, here’s your answer. I am confident in the photos I make now. I am confident that the quality I receive when I shoot film is something that will be timeless to you. That’s what I am wanting more than anything.. for you to hold in your hand not just another photo of yourself, but something that was thought through and calculated... timeless... and absolutely beautiful.

Which brings me to my next point…

Cory. This guy couldn't be more supportive if he tried. He couldn't be more encouraging to the business. He is the one that pushes me and challenges me. He is the one that helps me make the “business decisions” that I don’t like making. He entitled himself my “CFO” the other day and it couldn't be more accurate. He is the one who invested into this business financially when I couldn't. I wouldn't be this far ahead this year if it weren't for his wisdom and support, for sure.

Getting Published.
This is a goal and an achievement. Earlier this year Nikita’sglamorous gold dress shoot was featured on the wedding blog, Coastal Bride.  Coastal Bride has absolutely beautiful features and I was honored to be among them!

As many of you know, earlier this year I had a new logo done by Dawn Alderman. I love it. It is timeless and in her words a mix of European flare. Along with that, I have other branding materials in the works that I can’t wait to reveal to you soon!

So many great things are going on! As my CFO would say, "The best is yet to come."