The Small Things

Life is made up of the small things. 

1. I believe simple is elegance and elegance is simple.
2. I love the sound of ceiling fans. 
3. If I had a dream house or studio, it would be a beach cottage.
4. Film photography.
5. Natural light.
6. Less is more. Always.
7. Spring and Summer is what I look forward to year around.
8. The smell of coconut.
9. Clean feet.
10. The 30 minutes before sunset.
11. Mornings.
12. Europe and Africa. 
13. Saltwater.
14. A healthy lifestyle. 
15. The color white. 
16. Anything tropical.
17. Jesus. Jesus. Jesus.
18. Wild flowers. 
19. Windows rolled down. 
20. Cleanliness. 

"The glory of God is man fully alive." St. Irenaeus