Values | Kaylie B. Poplin Photography

Today is a great day for a few reasons. One- As I am writing this, I am sitting on the porch looking out to the water and the weather feels wonderful outside! Two- A picnic with Cory is planned for tonight. And three- I received head shots from Jennifer Blair today that rocked my world. She is UBER talented. When I knew that it was time to have photos made that represent my brand, she was the one that I had to have. With all of these exciting things, plus new brand photos in my email, I decided it was time to write a blog that has been mulling in my heart for the past few weeks. 

A business is based on many things, but I believe the things that separate it, not only from other businesses but separate priorities from distractions, are values. 

Over the past two weeks I have sat down and really searched myself for the things that I want my business to represent and be a reflection of. Out of that time, prayer and digging deep, these are the things that I want Kaylie B. Poplin Photography to be grounded in and built upon. 

i. People
The person you are is unique. Every dimple, piece of hair, smile, laugh, and personality is beautiful. You being wholly who you are inspires my work.

ii. Christ
Jesus. He is the reason for my life. He’s ultimate Artist, the richest of Loves and the Author of every living thing.

iii. Quality
An object of quality is almost always composed of that which is timeless. Photographs are the timeless heirlooms that tell a story, your story, for years to come.

iv. Truth
Truth tells the raw story; the unedited version. Truth is the layer on which history and legacy are built. My photographs tell your story. The most beautiful stories are always the most truthful ones.

v. Beauty
Beauty can be looked over due to the demands of the every day. My duty is to freeze moments of beauty, not just in the finished product of a photograph but in the experience of being photographed also.