2014 | A Year In Review

Wow. Is 2014 really over already? It's okay. I don't mind! ;) (But more about that in a second.) As I look back on the milestones passed and successes, it slows it down in comparison.

2014 was a year of development, firsts & amazing friendships.

I felt like 2014 was a joyous balance on a thin string, or a journey of learning how to walk on my own again. There was strength to stand, uncertain times when I would fall, followed by sheer determination and curiosity that led me to get back up.

In 2014, Kaylie B. Poplin Photography was published on wedding blogs for the first time- both nationally and internationally. I discovered new mediums of photography that I fell in love with. I developed friendships with people in the industry that challenge me, bring much joy and tons of support.

2014 was a year of developing the art of styled shoots. It has been so exciting putting together a shoot of ideas that were mere dreams at one time with incredible vendors.

I learned what I liked and what I don’t like. I learned what things inspire me and bring out my most authentic work. I saw small glimpses of the type of work that I am made to create and who I want to be as a business owner. Actually, I didn’t discover who I was and what inspires me this past year, as much as I recovered what that is. As I look back, I notice that growing up I always had a white room, with white décor and florals splashed around. To this day, those are the things I love. It took a little rediscovery to realize I have loved those things all along. 

I got engaged in 2014! (You can read more here!) This was a huge milestone on a personal level and even, professional level.

Since September, I have been planning a wedding with my fiancé. For the first time, I understand engagements and weddings in a whole new way. I have never been an over the top wedding person. I always dreamed of eloping. Now that I am planning an intimate wedding- my wedding- and I have a whole new appreciation for the brides that contact me. I understand where they are and where they are going on a personal level. That has grown me the most. I also have a clearer vision of the type of weddings I want to photograph. 

There is something about an intimate, purposeful and meaningful wedding that stirs deep in my soul. There is something about a couple who is planning more for their marriage than their wedding day, that I connect so deeply with. Those are the types of weddings that I was made to photograph.

If there is one word that I envision 2015 being about it would be the word solidify. 

I believe this year I will solidify who I am as a business owner, who I am as a photographer, and who I am as a person. 

Cheers to another year! :)