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Watercolor Inn & Resort Engagement | Gabe + Cassie

Oh my goodness, I am just a little bit excited about this engagement session. Meet Cassie. We were roommates in college and by default best friends, fellow study buddies, “shhh’d” in the library pal and fellow Gilmore girls veggie. (She loved it. I by default watched it. Lol.) That’s not the cool part, though….

She waited for Gabe. No… for real. Cassie didn’t date. Ever. She waited for her someone even despite being sought after in college. And good grief, she was worth being pursued by her someone. She is the sassiest, funniest, wittiest and one of the most beautiful people I’ve ever known!

I have waited so long for Gabe. (Go with me here.. lol) I have waited to see who she would end up with because he was going to have to be someone special. And he is.

Gabe grew up along the Gulf Coast, so it was only fitting for us to shoot their engagement session in Watercolor, Florida! The Watercolor Lakehouse backdrop was perfect for Gabe and the beach at sunset fit Cassie. These two together flowed like they were meant to be.

I Said I Would Not Photograph Families
watercolor inn and resort

Can I let you in on a secret?

I said I would not photograph families. 😱

By industry standards - it wasn't cool. It was kind of at the bottom of the totem pole. If you booked weddings - or "destination" weddings (gasp!) - you were wanted. Successful. All of those things.

So, I photographed families and didn't market it. I didn't post about it. But very quickly I realized that I was not only having a blast with each family during our time together... but that I loved it. And maybe even more than that - I was good at it. It felt good photographing something that I am at the core of myself passionate about - family.

And now?

Family portraits make up the bulk of my work. AND I LOVE IT. It fuels me. These families mean something to me. Over time photographing them over and over again every Summer, I have come to consider a lot of them great friends. They have reached out to me when hurricanes came through. They have cheered me on and encouraged me to trust God when Cory and I thought we only wanted to be dog parents. They were then the same ones who congratulated me, gave me advice and prayed for us when we had Rylynn.

The thing that I said I would never do has become something that I am wildly passionate about.

It's more than standing behind a camera for me. It is loving these families where they are, sharing in their love for the Emerald Coast/30A area and showing them through their images that the best times are now.

WaterColor Florida Photographer Bell Family
30a film photographer

Minutes before our session was to begin, the bottom fell out of nowhere! (This is Florida for you. Ha!) This didn't stop the Bell family. They said, "Why don't you come to our home and photograph us here?" Immediately my mind went to am I going to have enough light? Are they going to love these or be disappointed that we were not able to take any on the beach? And as you would have it, this ended up being one of my favorite sessions to date!

We started off taking photos of them on their porch in WaterColor, Florida then went inside for more candid portraits. Uncle Red grabbed his guitar and began to play while the girls ran around. These guys were such a pleasure to photograph!

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WaterColor Florida Photographer Wanless Family

I love it when a family isn't afraid of color! These guys looked ADORABLE for their family portraits in WaterColor, Florida this Summer! They were the perfect combination of color, sunshine and beautifully put together!

If anything, these guys made me really reconsider my plans for our family. (Which we obviously found out earlier this year don't really matter anyways. Ha!) They made parenting four young kids look like a breeze and so much fun! 

30A Family Photographer Anderson Maternity

Ashley was GLOWING. No, seriously. I haven't always believed in the pregnancy glow, and even now being pregnant myself, I definitely don't feel the glow (Ha!) but she definitely had it! 

While the Anderson family was spending time together in WaterColor, Florida, I had the immense honor of photographing their growing family! They were the sweetest! And how GORGEOUS does this soon-to-be mom (again) look!  

Grayton Beach Portraits Lanier Family
30a photographer

I absolutely love this family session because it is my sister and her gorgeous family!! They love the coastal dunes and overgrown trails in 30A, so it was a perfect combination! 

I truly think one of the coolest perks of being a photographer is getting to create these portraits of my own family. It is so neat to know what stage of life they are in and be able to document that along the way! Sappy but true! 

And how ADORABLE are their kids! I am biased but I also know they are the most beautiful kids ever! ;) 

Chase + Mariah Rosemary Beach, FL Engagement
rosemary beach engagement session kaylie b poplin photography

These two were made for each other! They could not have picked a better place than Rosemary Beach to have their engagement session at, and ultimately, get married at this Spring! Their style aligns so perfectly with the Pearl - white/black, European-inspired and bold. When Mariah first reached out to me, she said that she had an "editorial" vision in mind and I think she nailed it! Kudos to her for being a destination Bride and executing everything so well!

I can't wait for their beautiful wedding this Spring! 

Oh, and not only are they gorgeous (they are model material!) but they are currently renovating their Louisiana home that they will live in after they get married. #CoupleGoals  

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Jon & Fantasia Anniversary At The 30A Hub
hub 30a florida

Jon and Fantasia have built a life along 30A, but they have also built a story. 

I met Fantasia a few years ago right after her and Jon began to date. She was gorgeous and had a passion for photography like me. She is so full of life, humor and color. I had known Jon through mutual friends, but really got to know him when Cory and I began to date. Jon and Cory grew up best friends and lived together for all of our dating and engagement time. (These are the guys that sprayed pepper spray in their mouths just to see what would happen...) I look back on that period of our lives as such a sweet time. What we saw then was a big house always full of familiar faces and chaos, but I remember now is a season of life where we all kind of grew up together. It is a season I don't think any of us will ever forget. We were all figuring out what we wanted to do, exploring our careers, living the coastal life in Destin, sharing meals together and determining if the relationships we were in were really the last ones we would ever be in. Sure enough, they were for Cory and I as well as Jon and Fantasia.

In fact, Jon and Fantasia eloped around this time last year but this past weekend we celebrated them in a full wedding celebration! Another element worth celebrating is the recent addition to their family - Foxxy, the puppy who showed up and never left. :)

When Fantasia and I started dreaming up these photographs for them, the Hub along 30A was the perfect space that really fit who they were. Relaxed, full of culture, experience, music and great food. 

So, here they are as a family in an element that can perfectly describe who they are - my friends Jon, Tasia and Foxxy. 

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Jonathan, Jennifer & Family Rosemary Beach Family Photographer
Jonathan, Jennifer Blair, Little Baby Blair Family Photographs | Kaylie B. Poplin Photography | Rosemary Beach, Florida photographer

It's no secret that I love the Blair family! They are one of the most talented families you will meet - from their worship album coming out soon to Jen's photography. Put them together in Rosemary Beach, and it's heaven! 

We met on one of the hottest days in the area (I swear!) and remained in the shade the majority of the time, and still almost died but they made it look good! They look entirely unfazed in the photos, which shows just how pro they are. 

So, without further adieu, here is the Blair family! 

Little baby Blair | Kaylie B. Poplin Photography | Rosemary Beach, Florida Photographer
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