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Weekend Scenes : Kayaking and Saturdays Are For The Girls

It has been a hot minute since I did one of these! Partly because my weekends have been looking a little bit like changing diapers lately and partly because we work some weekends! Anyways, here we are and this past weekend was more exciting than most. Ha!

Started off with a day for just me and my girl. We ran errands around Destin and had lunch at our favorite tex-mex restaurant, Burrito Del Sol! (This was just one of two trips we had there over the weekend. Ha!) She also decided to boycott a nap on Saturday so I laid her in our bed and she went straight to sleep beside me. At least one of us got a nap!

Then, it was time on the water. Our favorite! We stopped by to see some of our best friends who just opened a bait and tackle shop in Fort Walton Beach (Emerald Coast Bait and Tackle - check them out!) and stock up on some lures. Cory went fishing on his kayak and I had a joy ride on mine. BTW, I love my Becasa bracelets! They are waterproof and made for a water lifestyle!

There is something about getting out in nature that refreshes you immensely. Being on the Coast helps a little, too. ;)


Seaside and Grayton Beach Weekend Scenes

I joke to Cory that this time of the year is when I have to cram in as much fun as possible, see as many people and have as many lunch dates because once "busy season" hits, it is chaos. The best of kind, of course. :) It is just sad that off season falls during the cold months because are are not cold weather people. It is why we live in Florida. ;)

Anyways - 

1. Anna and I had breakfast at the Black Bear Bread Co. . It was SO good. We have been wanting to try it since they opened and it did not disappoint! It doesn't help that Baker Design Co. made it super cute, either! 

2. We hiked in the Grayton Beach trails where I was convinced we were going to get eaten by a bear. We survived.

3. Ate lunch with my sister and friends at the new Southslice pizza place in Rosemary Beach! It is also super cute! 

4. We walked around Seaside with coffee in hand to watch the sunset. Went into Sundog books. (That place always gets me in trouble. Hello, new coffee table book.)

5. Had coffee on the beach (again) and found a tiny sand dollar. 

6. Ate at one of my favorite places to eat on the Coast - Burrito Del Sol. There is a location in Fort Walton Beach and Destin. We hit up the one in Destin! Southwest chicken tacos to the rescue.

As I type this, I am embarrassed that all of my adventures have to do with "we ate this" and "it was designed so cute" but that is life, friends. Or sadly mine. Ha!

Life Lately : Christmas 2017

Um. Where did December go? This Christmas was super special for us! We traveled from Germany to Georgia to visit our families! 

First stop - Germany and the country of Luxembourg (in which I quickly fell in love with)! I have wanted to go to Germany and still can't believe that I was there just a few weeks ago! The design in the architecture blew me away, but I was already expecting that! What I was not expecting was to get the chance to travel to Luxembourg to watch our friend play basketball! (He is a professional basketball player in Europe and grew up with Cory!) Luxembourg is a French speaking country - a language that I love SO much. Their architecture was different from Germany's, as well, because it was more Parisian inspired. We saw much, we loved it a little too much (I would go back tomorrow and stay until ....) and learned that pepperoni pizza in Germany is not actually topped with pepperoni. 

Next up, Georgia! We stayed at our favorite "cabin" and saw people we haven't seen in way too long! It was insanely good to spend the day with my family. The dogs sported the cutest Christmas bows for the occasion, too. ;) (Devo loved it. Winnie hated it.)

With all of the *great* hustle and bustle - I took a "me day" and went for a long walk in Rosemary Beach and Seaside. I actually started off in Inlet Beach. I grabbed a coffee at Amavida in Seaside and went to sit in the Seaside Chapel for a while. They always have it decorated so gorgeous for Christmas!! 

This month was SO good for me. I was lacking on the r & r. I feel so full and so thankful.