How To Be An Artist

myrtie blue seaside bouquet | Kaylie B. Poplin Photography | Santa Rosa Beach, Florida Wedding Photographer

"I let numbers define me at twelve and I let that stop me from becoming the person I am and that I should be. At twelve I loved writing. I loved art. I loved anything creative. I loved anything beautiful and real about the world." 

-Essena O’Neill

I believe that beauty lies in the simple, well lived out moments. Why? We spend our days looking for inspiration for who we should be on Pinterest, and slowly we become replicas of the same person.

Unique is something rare in the world today. Weddings that truly display love, beauty and what is real to the couple are few and far.

That is why I so passionately hold onto the real, well lived moments in my photos. I want my photos to tell the truth. I want them to tell the real story. I want them to portray real interactions full of love, beauty and intimacy.

And as for inspiration on who you should be, how you should dress, what your wedding theme should be?

Go outside. Spend time with people over coffee. Sit down at the dinner table with your family. That is where your true self and inspiration bud from.