Our Little Adventure


It blows my mind that in only a matter of weeks Cory and I will have begun a FAMILY. Call it whatever you want, but I still think back to the summer that a guy and girl spent too many afternoons on the water - having no idea that this was a forever thing. That’s who I still see us as - just ten times better! And I think how can we be here? I know it sounds overly dramatic because let’s face it - we are the last of our friends to have a kid. This is no new thing to most of the people around us. But to us - it is everything new and has been the craziest ride since we found out in February. Everyone knows we were shocked. (I don’t think anyone was as shocked as our families were because they knew that kids were the furthesttttttt thing from our minds. And we didn’t think that would ever change if I am being honest here.)

But back in January of this year, I started to tell God that I wanted a new adventure. “Whatever it may be.” (Those words. Lol.) I don’t know if it was the start of a new year causing it or if I was in the winter depression season (It’s a real thing in Florida) but I had this deep need for something new. An adventure. Something to liven things up. Something that was fresh and exciting. If you look at my prayer journal, you will see this “adventure” being prayed for a lot on into February. My thoughts behind it? Oh, maybe God will move us somewhere crazy even though we are very planted here. Or maybe something cool will happen within my job! Or maybe this is the season we get to build a house like we have always wanted! I kept praying.

Towards the end of February, I had a day that I remember to the finest detail. I had to drive about an hour away to pick some things up for Cory. I was going to take the day to enjoy the drive and just pray because by this point I was a little tired of asking God for an adventure and nothing happening. We had some things to discuss. I swung through What-A-Burger to get a taquito because there is nothing in the world like one. I open my bag as I left the drive thru to find I had a FAJITA at eight in the morning - not my taquito that I was CRAVING. (*Key word - craving.) I was so mad that I sent Cory a photo of it to tell him how my day was starting. I picked up the things. I had many words with Jesus on the ride and asked Him again for a new adventure. After I got home I decided I need to go to Target because I was just having a “day” and everyone knows Target helps all things. I walked around. I bought a candle because - why not. I tried not to cry walking down the aisles for who knows what reason - maybe because I was still pissed off about my breakfast situation. I bought a pregnancy test and remember thinking word for word, “Why am I buying this? I am clearly acting like someone who is not pregnant.” (If you get my drift.)

I went home and to spare details - that day I found out I got my adventure. It came in a package that neither of us were expecting. Unless you know us, you don’t understand how much we were not expecting it. When I called my sister to tell her, she thought someone had died by how I was acting since I couldn’t get words out. I would be lying if I said I handled the new adventure God had given us like a champ since the day we found out. Cory has - which has brought me a sense of peace about it in my not so pretty moments.

I tell all of this (let's face it - I wish I had been a little more graceful because I am so excited now!) because for us and I hope for you reading it - the details that went into this (there are way more that would be for a conversation over coffee) have been a huge reflection of God’s hand in our life in ways that we couldn’t ask for or imagine. He placed in my heart this desperation for an adventure and carried that out even when we were unaware. That alone makes us excited to meet this little girl in just a few weeks - our little adventure.

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