How Doing The Small Things Matter

sunsets of 30A | Kaylie B. Poplin Photography | Destin, Florida Portrait & Wedding Photographer

I thought, as she led worship, that she sang the song better than the recording artist who made the song popular. My mind ran, "Why is she here on this small stage with a voice like that? She could be recording her own stuff. She belongs on a big stage."

This is how we think today. This is the culture we live in. We want to show the absolute best of us and our experiences online to achieve some kind of stardom in the form of likes, followers, reactions or comments. We push highlightable moments in pursuit of a big stage. 

The experiences that were once held as sacred and close, for only us to hold onto, the daily things that were once normal and the talents that were honed over time then brought to life organically, or by the orchestration of Jesus, have become exchanged for the need of famous attention on social media. 

I wonder if we have gone so rouge in trying to highlight every facet of our lives, if we've forgotten ourselves... if we've forgotten God. He isn't constricted, don't mistake me. He isn't defined to those boxes we make our lives out to be on Instagram. But what if instead of using our moments, selfies,  stylized circumstances and uniqueness for Him, we've slowly begun to use them to bring glory to ourselves without even realizing it happening. We are a people who are pushing every deem able, self-defined, worthy thing out into the spotlight and have begun the downward fall of finding self glorification rather than Christ glorification.

I don't discredit social media. I don't have time or energy to get on either of the social media wagons to debate whether it is good or bad. Even if I did have the time, who cares. If you love it, awesome. If you hate it, awesome. Do you.

I am suggesting that maybe the stage God wants us to perform on in this season, or maybe all seasons of your life, is on the small one. The one that seems less worthy because it isn't credited by followers or likes. This is a hard truth for me to contemplate because it is counter culture, but in the counter culture is usually where He is found.