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Rosemary Beach Photographer Bradshaw Family

The sweetest family in Rosemary Beach, Florida - meet the Bradshaw family! These guys love the 30A area just as much as I do and make it their goal to come year after year! 

It was crazy to see how much those two boys had grown in just a years time! 

Grayton Beach Portraits Lanier Family
30a photographer

I absolutely love this family session because it is my sister and her gorgeous family!! They love the coastal dunes and overgrown trails in 30A, so it was a perfect combination! 

I truly think one of the coolest perks of being a photographer is getting to create these portraits of my own family. It is so neat to know what stage of life they are in and be able to document that along the way! Sappy but true! 

And how ADORABLE are their kids! I am biased but I also know they are the most beautiful kids ever! ;) 

Chase + Mariah Rosemary Beach, FL Engagement
rosemary beach engagement session kaylie b poplin photography

These two were made for each other! They could not have picked a better place than Rosemary Beach to have their engagement session at, and ultimately, get married at this Spring! Their style aligns so perfectly with the Pearl - white/black, European-inspired and bold. When Mariah first reached out to me, she said that she had an "editorial" vision in mind and I think she nailed it! Kudos to her for being a destination Bride and executing everything so well!

I can't wait for their beautiful wedding this Spring! 

Oh, and not only are they gorgeous (they are model material!) but they are currently renovating their Louisiana home that they will live in after they get married. #CoupleGoals  

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Cannoy Family Fort Walton Beach, Florida Film Photographers

Fall is in the air and family sessions are still in full swing! This is my absolute favorite time of the year to live at the beach. Families that vacation to the Emerald Coast during the Fall agree! The traffic slows down, the beaches are empty and the weather is perfect!

The Cannoy family's session in Fort Walton Beach, Florida was an example of how perfect this time of the year is here! They are such a precious family and those girls are the sweetest ever! 

It was such an honor to meet them and photograph them while they were here with their family! 

You Are My Reason

Everyone says to know your "why." 

I have spent so much time searching for mine. One year I thought it was ______. It changed a month later when I thought maybe my why is ______. I was searching for a reason to validate my reason for pursuing photography. Everyone said once you figure that out, everything else falls seamlessly into place.

As time has gone by and my "whys" have changed, I keep coming home to the things that have always had a death grip on my heart before photography was ever in the picture. They have been there for so long that I never thought about them being my "why." I don't even like using the term, "why." I like to call those never ending things my reason because when I think of a "why," I think of something that does change with circumstance, maturity and life. But a reason - that evolves out of the depths of who you are. It has been unwavering since the first day. 

At the end of every day - He is my reason. My family is my reason. People are my reason.

Photography is just a God given vehicle for it all.

Before blog posts, emails, inquiries and deadlines, I came alive when I captured the essence of a friend or family member on my point and shoot camera. I loved who I saw in front of me - so many people, even some on different continents - but they all reminded me of Him. It was a way for me to say to people - look at you! Look at how perfect you are and perfectly loved you are! 

That is a feeling I have not lost yet even today. 

I can get emotional at a wedding or while photographing a family because I see what they may not see in that minute. I feel like screaming - look! You are in the midst of the beginning of the most beautiful commitment you will ever make after salvation. Look! You are absolutely stunning! Look! You are leading those sweet kids! They are watching every beautiful move you make! 

I then look at my husband and our two dogs. They are my reason. I have prayed for that man before I ever knew his name. We have spent the last 5 or 6 years watching God mold our hearts for more than we thought possible. A lot of that molding came through our dogs! Ha! That is for another time but God knows how to best teach us. ;) 

A busy Summer is starting to slow down. I am overwhelmed with thankfulness for the people I was so lucky to meet this year. I am also reminded heavily that while my "why" has changed over time - my reason in Him never has nor will. 

Kyte Family Watercolor, Florida Film Photographer

The sweet Kyte family had a blast staying in Watercolor, Florida this Summer! They were such a pleasure to spend time with and photograph!

These kids made me wish my parents had taken the advice of my sisters and I when we told them that we needed them to adopt us a baby brother growing up. Watching these two play and poke at each other in the sweetest way made my heart melt! 

I have so much respect for these guys! You can tell a lot about a family when photographing them. The Kyte family has an undeniable special relationship full of acceptance and grace!

Wedding Day Morning 30A Florida Film Wedding Photographer

I remember my wedding day like it was yesterday. We had an intimate wedding with our closest family and friends! (We wouldn't change a thing!) The morning of my wedding I remember vividly. I remember waking up with my sisters, receiving a phone call that my wedding photographer had gotten there hours before she was suppose to (She blew my mind that day!), having all of my cousins down the hall from us... it was a big family reunion. I loved every minute of it. 


I wish I had breathed.

There are two things that I am not good at : having all eyes on me and relaying emotion. 

That morning was just like we had planned. It was smooth. It was full of people I wanted near me during that time. But, I never took a minute for me to collect myself so that I could be in the right frame of mind. 

Instead, I was very emotional. BUT. Because I hate being the center of attention and am not good with showing emotion, I choked it all down and didn't show any the whole day. Not when I saw my Dad for the first time. Not when Cory and I had our first look. And the worst - not during the ceremony when Cory and I were saying our vows. I barely looked at him. Not to sound dramatic (because all is well two and a half years later. Lol!), but he remembers that really well. I couldn't, though. I couldn't hug my Dad when he first saw me, I couldn't show too much excitement when I saw Cory for the first time... I sure couldn't look at him when everyone else around us was crying during the ceremony. I couldn't let my guard down because I knew if I did, it wasn't coming back up. 

I didn't take a minute for myself before everything started to let myself be okay with everything I was feeling.

This editorial was based off of the morning of your wedding. If I could give any advice to anyone for the morning of their wedding, I would say breathe.

Gorgeously styled and florals : Studio Petali

Model : Piper 

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