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I Said I Would Not Photograph Families
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Can I let you in on a secret?

I said I would not photograph families. 😱

By industry standards - it wasn't cool. It was kind of at the bottom of the totem pole. If you booked weddings - or "destination" weddings (gasp!) - you were wanted. Successful. All of those things.

So, I photographed families and didn't market it. I didn't post about it. But very quickly I realized that I was not only having a blast with each family during our time together... but that I loved it. And maybe even more than that - I was good at it. It felt good photographing something that I am at the core of myself passionate about - family.

And now?

Family portraits make up the bulk of my work. AND I LOVE IT. It fuels me. These families mean something to me. Over time photographing them over and over again every Summer, I have come to consider a lot of them great friends. They have reached out to me when hurricanes came through. They have cheered me on and encouraged me to trust God when Cory and I thought we only wanted to be dog parents. They were then the same ones who congratulated me, gave me advice and prayed for us when we had Rylynn.

The thing that I said I would never do has become something that I am wildly passionate about.

It's more than standing behind a camera for me. It is loving these families where they are, sharing in their love for the Emerald Coast/30A area and showing them through their images that the best times are now.

Grayton Beach Portraits Lanier Family
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I absolutely love this family session because it is my sister and her gorgeous family!! They love the coastal dunes and overgrown trails in 30A, so it was a perfect combination! 

I truly think one of the coolest perks of being a photographer is getting to create these portraits of my own family. It is so neat to know what stage of life they are in and be able to document that along the way! Sappy but true! 

And how ADORABLE are their kids! I am biased but I also know they are the most beautiful kids ever! ;)