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Jon & Fantasia Anniversary At The 30A Hub
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Jon and Fantasia have built a life along 30A, but they have also built a story. 

I met Fantasia a few years ago right after her and Jon began to date. She was gorgeous and had a passion for photography like me. She is so full of life, humor and color. I had known Jon through mutual friends, but really got to know him when Cory and I began to date. Jon and Cory grew up best friends and lived together for all of our dating and engagement time. (These are the guys that sprayed pepper spray in their mouths just to see what would happen...) I look back on that period of our lives as such a sweet time. What we saw then was a big house always full of familiar faces and chaos, but I remember now is a season of life where we all kind of grew up together. It is a season I don't think any of us will ever forget. We were all figuring out what we wanted to do, exploring our careers, living the coastal life in Destin, sharing meals together and determining if the relationships we were in were really the last ones we would ever be in. Sure enough, they were for Cory and I as well as Jon and Fantasia.

In fact, Jon and Fantasia eloped around this time last year but this past weekend we celebrated them in a full wedding celebration! Another element worth celebrating is the recent addition to their family - Foxxy, the puppy who showed up and never left. :)

When Fantasia and I started dreaming up these photographs for them, the Hub along 30A was the perfect space that really fit who they were. Relaxed, full of culture, experience, music and great food. 

So, here they are as a family in an element that can perfectly describe who they are - my friends Jon, Tasia and Foxxy. 

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