You Are My Reason


Everyone says to know your "why." 

I have spent so much time searching for mine. One year I thought it was ______. It changed a month later when I thought maybe my why is ______. I was searching for a reason to validate my reason for pursuing photography. Everyone said once you figure that out, everything else falls seamlessly into place.

As time has gone by and my "whys" have changed, I keep coming home to the things that have always had a death grip on my heart before photography was ever in the picture. They have been there for so long that I never thought about them being my "why." I don't even like using the term, "why." I like to call those never ending things my reason because when I think of a "why," I think of something that does change with circumstance, maturity and life. But a reason - that evolves out of the depths of who you are. It has been unwavering since the first day. 

At the end of every day - He is my reason. My family is my reason. People are my reason.

Photography is just a God given vehicle for it all.

Before blog posts, emails, inquiries and deadlines, I came alive when I captured the essence of a friend or family member on my point and shoot camera. I loved who I saw in front of me - so many people, even some on different continents - but they all reminded me of Him. It was a way for me to say to people - look at you! Look at how perfect you are and perfectly loved you are! 

That is a feeling I have not lost yet even today. 

I can get emotional at a wedding or while photographing a family because I see what they may not see in that minute. I feel like screaming - look! You are in the midst of the beginning of the most beautiful commitment you will ever make after salvation. Look! You are absolutely stunning! Look! You are leading those sweet kids! They are watching every beautiful move you make! 

I then look at my husband and our two dogs. They are my reason. I have prayed for that man before I ever knew his name. We have spent the last 5 or 6 years watching God mold our hearts for more than we thought possible. A lot of that molding came through our dogs! Ha! That is for another time but God knows how to best teach us. ;) 

A busy Summer is starting to slow down. I am overwhelmed with thankfulness for the people I was so lucky to meet this year. I am also reminded heavily that while my "why" has changed over time - my reason in Him never has nor will.